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A Walk to Be Well
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Harbor Bridge Walk
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Corpus Christi Kite Festival

Kite Festival on November 9 in Cole Park

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Welcome to the Mayor’s Fitness Council website!

The Mayor’s Fitness Council(MFC) mission is to collaborate with community leaders in all sectors to develop and implement policy and environmental improvement strategies that will help the healthy choice be the easy and natural choice for residents.

Living healthy means integrating physical activity, good nutrition and a regular health care regiment into our lives.  We encourage you to explore our website to learn about the MFC’s projects and initiatives, see what activities and programs are available to help you along your path to wellness or discover ways you can help our community become as healthy as it possibly can be today.   Join us as we push towards creating a community where the healthy choice is the easy choice.

Featured Partnership

It’s Your Life Foundation

The It’s Your Life Foundation (IYLF) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to serve and educate our community locally and globally to make better life choices. The program has been funded in partnership with local businesses, local, regional and national foundations, and physicians.  The Foundation funds initiatives such as IConquer (a youth driven project addressing diabetes prevention), Ante Tobacco (videos and stories that relay the dangers of tobacco use) and Sleep Education Among Teens (explores impact of sleep deprivation among teens).

On April 26, 2014 the group will host the It’s Your Life 5K Run/Walk in Cole Park.  This event will raise funds for the IYLF program initiatives and scholarships.  Register to be apart of the 2014 IYL Walk today!