About the MFC


The Mayor’s Fitness Council was created May 2010 in response to alarmingly high and increasing rates of reported cases and deaths caused by chronic disease such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc; the award of a grant from the Governor’s Fitness Council to create programs addressing diabetes and obesity; and an article published in Men’s Health dubbing Corpus Christi the Fattest City in America. The original charge of the MFC was to advise city officials regarding the promotion of healthy living through increased activity, organized sports, events and programs and balanced nutrition.


The Mayor’s Fitness Council meets on the third Thursday of each month in the Staff Conference Room across from the Mayor’s Office on the first floor of City Hall (1201Leopard Street, 78401). Meetings begin at noon. A copy of each month’s agenda can be accessed on the City’s website at http://www.cctexas.com/services/general-government/boards-commissions-committees

Our Mission:

To advise the City Council, City Manager, Parks and Recreation Department and Health District regarding the promotion of healthy living.

Community Action Plan:

Vision: Living Health through physical activity, balanced nutrition and elimination of tobacco use will be a way of life for all residents in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Mission: The Mayor’s Fitness Council will collaborate with community leaders in all sectors to develop and implement policy and environmental improvement

Learn more about our Community Action Plan.

Mayor’s Health and Fitness Council Toolkit:

Interested in starting a Mayor’s Health and Fitness Council for your area? Start with this Webinar and Presentation offered by the It’s Time Texas Organization.

Webinar: Hear Full Presentation

Presentation: Tips From Texas Mayors: Collaborating for a Healthier Community

Learn more about It’s Time Texas.


Kimberly Cook, Chairperson at Large

Name: Kimberly Cook

Business/Company: Access Curriculum

Position/Title: Owner

Reason for joining MFC: I am interested in promoting wellness for all members of our community.

What you do for exercise: Body Pump, kayaking, conditioning for and hiking Colorado fourteeners, swimming laps, yardwork.

Favorite healthy meal: Grilled salmon, steamed brussel sprouts, brown rice and red wine.

Advice for someone just beginning on their journey to wellness: Take one day at a time. Wellness is a journey. It is a journey of the body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Ana Maria Paez, Health and Wellness Representative

Name: Ana Maria Paez, MD

Business/Company: Driscoll Children’s Hospital

Position/Title: Pediatric Endocrinologist

Reason for joining MFC: Helping make Corpus Christi a more vibrant and healthy community.

What you do for exercise: Long walks on the beach and swimming.

Favorite healthy meal: Asian lettuce wraps.

Advice for someone just beginning on their journey to wellness: Just take the changes one day at a time. 

Dr. Misty Kesterson, Worksite Wellness Initiatives

Name: Misty Kesterson

Company: Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

Position/Title: Assistant Clinical Professor/Internship Coordinator

Reason for joining the MFC: I want to see a healthy Corpus Christi and hope that I can use what I learn with my service in my teaching for those who want to go into the health and wellness field.

What you do for exercise: Any and everything – I love movement, so am a self-professed gym rat, lifting weights, doing cardio, running, biking and fitness classes. I do all of that so that I can do things outside of the gym – wake boarding, paddle boarding (newest sport), snow skiing, snorkeling, etc.

Favorite healthy meal: Grilled salmon, spinach salad with vegetables, fruit, nuts and feta.

Advice for someone just beginning on their journey to wellness: Start slow, set a plan, and work towards that plan every day. Look for the outcomes, but don’t lose sight of the process. Enjoy the process, make it fun, get the whole family involved, and model the behaviors you want to share.

Victor Betancourt, At-Large Representative

Name: Victor Betancourt

Company: V Fit Training Center, V Fit Productions, Kids Get Fit Nonprofit

Position/Title: Owner/President

Reason for joining the MFC: I am here to help promote an all around healthier lifestyle for the mind, body, and spirit, to all the citizens.

What you do for exercise: I do a number of things, such as weight training, running, hiking and mountaineering.

Favorite healthy meal: Viva La French toast (Eating For Life cookbook).

Advice for someone just beginning on their journey to wellness: My advice would be to go out there and have fun trying new things. You never know, you might come across something you really enjoy.

Dr. Jacqueline Hamilton, Senior Initiatives Representative

Name: Jacqueline Hamilton

Company: Retired (from TAMUCC)

Position/Title: Retired (previously Recreational Sports Director at TAMUCC)

Reason for joining the MFC: Lifelong interest in helping people improve their well-being.

What you do for exercise: Walk/jog, lift weights, kayak, bike, yoga – almost anything.

Favorite healthy meal: Home-made salmon burger with asparagus, spinach salad and raspberries.

Advice for someone just beginning on their journey to wellness: Find something you like and find someone to encourage you and enjoy it with you.

Tiffany Ann Montemayor, Community Outreach/Special Events

Name: Tiffany Ann Montemayor

Business/Company: The Council on Alcohol + Drug Abuse Coastal Bend

Position/Title: Director of Communications + Development

Reason for joining MFC: I care about the future of our community and the people who live here. I know that health and fitness are often times an overlooked piece of that future. So I wanted to be part of something that would make a positive impact on that piece and spread my love of having a healthy lifestyle to all of Corpus Christi.

What you do for exercise: I am a runner who competes in half- marathons, 10ks, and 5ks. I also bike and do strength/conditioning work outs for cross training.

Favorite healthy meal: Burrito Bowl from Chipotle with brown rice, pinto beans, steak, hot salsa, and cheese.

Advice for someone just beginning on their journey to wellness: Don’t take on too many changes at once, sometimes focusing on one aspect of your fitness journey and mastering that makes starting the other changes easier. Find someone to keep you accountable and motivated but remember that you are your biggest motivator. Celebrate every goal you reach and never compare your journey to fitness to anyone else’s.

Stephen McMains, At-large

Name: Stephen McMains

Business/Company: Attorney at Law and Owner of CrossFit DownTown Corpus

Position/Title: Attorney and CrossFit Coach

Reason for joining MFC: I hope to help educate the public about health issues so that the people of this community can make conscious health decisions. I hope that we can educate people about health and food myths.

What you do for exercise: CrossFit.

Favorite healthy meal: Grilled Chicken and Baked Sweet Potato with Greek Yogurt.

Advice for someone just beginning on their journey to wellness: Trust the process. Your life won’t change in a day, in a week, or in a month. Be patient it takes time. Fitness is a lifestyle not a fad.