From The Mayor

Welcome to the Corpus Christi Mayor’s Fitness Council (MFC) website!

We are so glad that you have chosen to visit this website and learn all that the MFC has in store for our wonderful community and residents.

In 2012, the MFC adopted a Community Action Plan promising collaboration with community leaders to develop and implement policy and environmental improvement strategies to help the healthy choice be the easy and natural choice for all residents. Improvements including increasing the volume of hike and bike trails and increasing accessibility to healthy foods, the MFC is working towards putting an end to the various types of chronic disease (diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity) in our community.

A successfully complete initiative of the MFC was a grant program for the development of community gardens throughout Corpus Christi. The Mayor’s Fitness Council will continue building on the success of community gardens, like those in Lindale and Douden Parks. These small grants will help schools, churches and small neighborhood groups grow their own vegetables that will be easily accessible to their community.

It is one of my goals to stay healthy and happy through good nutrition and daily activity. I encourage and challenge you to do the same! Please visit this site often to see how you can work with the MFC to keep moving our community forward in our efforts to keep healthy.

Joe McComb

Mayor, Corpus Christi, TX