Healthy Business Partners Program



The Mayor’s Fitness Council is proud to introduce the Healthy Business Partners Program – an initiative targeted at Corpus Christi based organizations to improve the overall health and well being of our community.  Its purpose is to further the vision of the Mayor’s Fitness Council for all residents of Corpus Christi to live healthy through physical activity, balanced nutrition and the elimination of tobacco use.

We spend a considerable portion of our waking hours at the workplace.  This places a significant amount of responsibility on organization to be positive influences on lifestyle behaviors of their employees and subsequently their families.  Lifestyle choices greatly impact the prevalence of chronic disease, illnesses and other health conditions in our community.  Obesity, and consequently diabetes continue to plague our population.  And cardiovascular complications related to tobacco use remains prevalent after years of campaigns to warn of its detrimental effects on our health.  These trends will not only negatively impact our quality of life but compromise our community’s capacity to thrive economically.

Through the Healthy Business Partners Program, the Mayor’s Fitness Council provides tools, expertise and support to its partners so they may implement programs and policies that improve the health of their organizations through improved nutrition, increased physical activity and tobacco cessation and prevention efforts.  Joining this program and making the effort to establish comprehensive and evidence based worksite wellness policies will help organizations promote an environment for healthy lifestyles and help our community address the rate of preventable, chronic disease such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.

The benefits of a healthy organization – and consequently a healthy population – are extraordinary.  They are not only evident in people’s attitude and physical well being but can also be demonstrated in their productivity and performance.  Studies suggest that organizations with comprehensive health and wellness programs realize a $6 return on every $1 invested.  In addition to these direct benefits, organizations that participate in this program will enjoy public recognition and support for their efforts. In return for becoming a partner your organization will receive or be privy to the following:

  • A letter of acknowledgement and partnership from the Mayor and MFC Chairman
  • MFC website and social media recognition
  • Expert counsel and support from MFC members
  • Potential recognition in MFC awards and future grant programs.

Applications for this program will be accepted twice a year – March 31 and September 30.  The Mayor’s Fitness Council will review applications the following months and certify new members during the May and November meetings each year. Certification will be valid for two years from entry into the program.

Download an application today!

If you look over the application and don’t think you’re ready to apply BUT you’re interested in making your organization healthier and moving towards some of the requirements of the program, take a look at our list MFC Healthy Partners Resource Guide.  This will give you some ideas for kick starting your wellness intiatives.  Also, take a look at the resources our partners provide for their clients and employees.  OR give us a call and we can come to your office and help you complete your self assessment, review your policies and/or make suggestions for improving your work space and work policies.


2014 Fall Class of Healthy Business Partners

Corpus Christi Independent School District – the largest school system in the Coastal Bend and employer of over 5,300.

Smoothie King of Corpus Christi – local franchise committed to offering Corpus Christi nutritional, healthy meals and supplements.


2014 Spring Class of Healthy Business Partners

Brinca! – an locally owned inflatable fun zone for families.

CH2MHill – local office of a world wide engineering and consulting firm.

City of Corpus Christi – municipal government working for the citizens and visitors of Corpus Christi.

Platypus Fitness – a locally owned fitness center and crossfit program.


2015 Spring Class of Healthy Business Partners Access Curriculum

Texas A&M CC Innovation Center

Access Curriculum Together


2015 Fall Class of Healthy Business Partners

Pinnacle Fitness

Sports Fitness Solutions